Mail Order Mother’s Day


For many years I was privileged to get to spend Mother’s Day with my mama.  We’d start our day with BRUNCH at a local hotel, then spend several hours browsing the local garden nurseries.  It was just her and me, and it was a good time.  Then my sister wanted to join us, and wanted also to include her mother-in-law, which was fun.  We eventually exchanged our brunch out for brunch in — at my house, and then we’d do some crafts together in my back yard .  One year we made it a grand old shindig by inviting all the women (daughters, grand-daughters) in the family to a feast and foot soaking, and then we all decorated flip-flops.   I surely miss those days.  They are wonderful memories locked away in a treasure box in my heart now.

I’m trying hard this Mother’s Day not to cry in my mimosa over not getting to spend the day with her, but to be thankful for every Mother’s Day I DID get to spend with her.  And I have been racking my brain for what I CAN do to make her feel loved and special from a thousand miles away.

The meal.  I can’t cook her a meal, but I could send a gift card for a local restaurant.  Perhaps she could place an order for curbside take-away on a day when she doesn’t feel like cooking.  Or, if she went out with friends on Mother’s Day it would be like me picking up her tab.

I also found a few places online (PeachDish, Green Chef, Blue Apron, and, who assemble all the ingredients for a gourmet meal, and then ship to any location.  Their options look very healthy (recipes included), delivered is around $50 (for four portions).  She would have to cook it, but the menu looks like it might be things she has probably never tried and might enjoy learning about.  She is very mindful of her health and likes to eat healthful meals.

Or, I could even make my own box of local non-perishable things and send.  At the very least I could bake a batch of shortbreads, and send her some of my homemade jams, maybe even tuck in a nice porcelain teacup from the thrift store, and a good little assortment of teas.

Then the nursery.  Perhaps I could send her money in a special envelope labeled: “for Green House” or get her another gift certificate, like to Home Depot, or even Wal-mart, wherever plants are sold?  Maybe send the latest Burpee catalog, or order some plants from them and have them sent to her!

At the very least I could send her a selection of seeds that she could plant herself, and if I were really creative I would include a pair of gardening gloves, shoes, and even some tools, as a package deal.

Crafts.  Hmmmm?  Where I live there are paint-a-picture-on-canvas places where you can take a group of friends and paint a picture and sip a glass of wine and then  you all have paintings to take home and hang on the wall.  Surely there is one of these back home?  If I purchased a Living Social deal for two, she could take a girlfriend, or my other sister, or even go with a group of ladies from church?

Or, maybe I could send her a puzzle, maybe a mystery puzzle (since she likes mysteries) – something she can do when there is nothing good on the television.  Include an assortment of teas, so she can sip while she puzzles.

Pedicure. While I’m unable to soak my feet in the tub with her, I could send a voucher for her to get her feet done at a salon.

Or, I could send her a little plastic foot tub (basin) and fill it with a big soft towel, a nice-smelling foot soak-scrub, some pedicure tools, and a pretty color of nail polish.  Perhaps even a music CD of something to listen to while she soaks, oh, and a fresh, spa scented candle would be lovely too.  Ha…and just for fun, I think I’ll toss in a little container of bubble stuff, so if she decides to soak her feet outside she can blow some bubbles into the air – just ‘cause that would be silly and fun!

How about a new outfit?  I found a dress on the sale rack at TJ Maxx that would look so pretty on her.  Not sure how often she goes shopping, but a new dress for church might make her feel pretty.

Photo Book.  Since we live so far away now, I think she might like getting a small little photo book of most recent pictures of the kids and grandkids, since she doesn’t get to see them growing up.  Maybe we could all write little notes to her and I could tuck the notes in between the pages of pictures.  And maybe I could also tuck in a few photos from Mother’s Days past, so she can feel as sentimental as I do.  🙂

– – –

Well, there you have it, all of my ideas unpacked from the box I am sending.  I guess I better get it to the post office.  Mother’s Day is only two weeks away.

Mother's Day Box

bags in the box

What are you doing for your mom?

“Honour thy father and thy mother; that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.”  

Exodus 20:12


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