Colleen’s Cowboy Caviar

Colleen’s Cowboy Caviar

This is one of THOSE recipes…that you’ll take to the party and not only will it be the first thing gone, but the bowl you brought it in will be licked clean, and everyone will be groveling for the recipe.  I’ve been making it for 20 years and taking it to various parties, Bunco, work functions, church functions, luncheons, tailgate parties, and it dutifully makes an appearance at most of our holiday gatherings, especially New Years, when it is lucky to eat black-eyed peas. 

Today my daughter asked if I could post it on Pinterest.  I suppose because she wants to pin it and then she won’t have to call me everytime she goes to the store to get the ingredients.  

There are other versions of this Black-eyed pea dip out there, but what sets mine apart is the “dressing.”  I suppose that their recipes are probably good….but mine is to die for — and if  you know me, you know it is waaaaay out of my character to make such a statement.  So, I’ll tell you the truth.  I got this recipe from a coworker a long long time ago (and added my signatures), and truly, none of the others you will run across can come close!!!!!  Okay, maybe close, but this one wins!!!  🙂



*If you have fresh sweet corn in season at your produce market, by all means cut it off the cob and use in place of the canned.  A couple of cobs will do ya.  And you are also welcome to make your own black-eyed peas from dried.  They are actually very easy.  I drain and rinse the canned ones and let them dry a little in the strainer before they go into the bowl.  I prefer garden tomatoes over the tasteless storebought ones and so I often substitute sweet cherry tomatoes, chopped, of course.  I especially love the little black cherry tomatoes as they have a good firm texture and fantastic taste.  Also, I just started adding cilantro recently and have decided I like it – but then again I LOVE cilantro and any excuse to use it is great with me.  You might even like a little squeeze of lime?


Cowboy Caviar



(The dip goes in the center and the chips scatter around on the brim!)




Say “Good night” Gracee!  🙂



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