Smart Mopper

Smart Mopper

Got Ceramic Tile Floors?

Housekeeping tip:  Save a Bundle and have the cleanest floors you’ve ever had!!!!!

I’m possibly the last person on the planet to figure this out, but I’m gonna be the first to blog about it, because if there is just one lone little person out there that hasn’t figured this out, YOU are going to be soooooooo happy, happy, happy to discover this blog post today!!!!  You might even send me flowers, or chocolates, or tickets to the next Spurs game.  (Really, it’s okay.  I don’t want flowers.  Clicking the “Like” star at the bottom of this post will be thanks enough.  =)  ).

How many of you out there have a Swiffer?


We all do, right?  And probably several similar “mops” with newer fangled gizmos (like liquid tanks that spray cleaner, either hand cranked or battery operated), making them even more expensive than they already are.  How many of you put your Swiffer in a closet when you ran out of the disposible wipes, or the batteries died, and went back to the regular mop because the wipes are so expensive?  But the regular mop, while cheaper to use, isn’t really all that clean.  The first dunk in the mop bucket is clean, but after that you are just spreading around dirty water, progressively dirtier water as you go.  Ick.


These guys AREN’T cheap!

With 2300 square feet of ceramic tile floors, I had to find a better, cleaner, more affordable way.  And here it is…


Equipment:  A “dirty” bucket.  A “clean” bucket (oblong shaped).  A couple packages of washcloths.  A basket to put the clean washcloths in – with hooks to attach it to the side of the bucket.  A jug of Bleach.  And that lost and forgotten old Swiffer.

Procedure:  Place a gallon or so of boiling water and a half cup of concentrated Bleach into your “clean” bucket.  You can also add a squirt of dish soap if you want (I do).  You don’t need gobs of water.  Just a couple inches are probably sufficient.


Attach a clean, dry washcloth to your Swiffer mop…

…and then dunk it into the hot bleach water, and mop until the cloth runs out of wetness.  I can usually do a small room (bathroom, hallway), or about half a large room (bedroom, dining room) with one cloth.  One of the beautiful things about a Swiffer is that swivel head that lets you get under and behind tight spaces.

Another beauty is that you get to pull off the dirty cloth from the top, so your hands never get dirty, and then just drop it down in your “dirty” bucket.


Then, get a new fresh clean washcloth and attach it to the Swiffer.  Dunk it in the bleach water (which never gets dirty by the way, because you  never dunk a dirty mop into it, HA!  soooo cool), and continue mopping.

One of the other awesome things about the washcloths, besides how much cheaper they are than the Swiffer wipes, is that they are wider than the mop head, so they get in under things soooo much better than the Swiffer wipes.  And because they are coarse and loopy I think they scrub better too!

When you are done mopping, just dump your dirty washcloths into the washer (along with all your throw rugs to make a full load) and wash them!  Fold them and store them in the little washcloth caddy on the side of your mop bucket and you’re ready for the next time.


Couldn’t be easier!

My floors have never been this clean.  They sparkle!!!!


Genius right?


dscn7688The washcloths cost $2.97 for a package of 12 at Wal-mart. Hint: the ones in the mop & broom section of the grocery isles are cheaper than the ones in the pots and pans section, and you get more in the package, 9 vs 12.  As far as I can tell they are the exact same cloths.

Compare the cost of the Swiffer wet wipes at $8.47 for a 24 count at Wal-mart, which are a continuous expense.  I go through about 20 washcloths to clean all my floors – that’s almost a whole box of Swiffer wipes.  

Bleach is cheap ($2.94/gal.), especially the plain old store brand, and you can’t get a better clean.  Bleach kills germs and mildew, and doesn’t leave a residue.  If you want the fancier bleaches that have scents, go for it!!!!  And if you prefer PineSol, or some other cleaner, that is totally up to you.


My oblong bucket cost me around $8.00, and the little washcloth caddy another $8.00.  I found it in the Wal-mart isle where the plastic tubs and garbage cans and kitchen organizer things are.  I had to cut the hooks that came with it off shorter and bend them so the medal basket would fit on the side of my mop bucket without hitting the floor.  You might want to buy a couple of “S” hooks to replace the ones that come with the caddy and use them dscn7686instead if you don’t want to cut yours.

The reason I wanted my washcloth caddy to attach to my mop bucket is just for ease of portability, so I can grab both my “dirty” and “clean” buckets by the handles in one hand, Swiffer in the other, and move it all with me as I mop.

I really want to thank my BFF Treva for telling me what she does to mop her floors.  This was her idea totally.  Mopping floors happened to be one of those topics that just came up in one of our phone chats recently.  I’m not even sure how we got onto the subject, but it had something to do with how many swiffer cloths it takes to mop a floor, and how much that costs.  She said she cuts up her old bath towels and uses them with her Swiffer instead.  Well, I didn’t have any old bath towels, but, washcloths are pretty cheap!  Certainly cheaper than the swiffer towelettes!  Just genius!

And there you go.  My tip of the week…or month…or year.  Hope it helps you save a little money and makes you as happy as it has made me.

“So clean house! Make a clean sweep of malice and pretense, envy and hurtful talk. You’ve had a taste of God. Now, like infants at the breast, drink deep of God’s pure kindness. Then you’ll grow up mature and whole in God.”   

1 Peter 2:1-3  The Message 


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